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Zionist State nourished with bloodshed

Januar 27, 2009


There arise reactions all over the world following the
massacres of Zionist Israel. Demonstrations and marches are organized,
Israeli and American flags are fired. The US and Europe, the absolute
supporters of Israel, are blasted, people cry for the murdered and
wounded people and for the ones left without food and water, homeless
and helpless in Palestine. Media commentators -who are ‘experts
of this issue- and columnists speak for long hours or write lots of
pages without having a word on Zionism, colonialism, imperialism. ‘Outstanding foreign policy geniuses’ who were invited to TV studios are contented with merely analyzing the “how” part of the question deeply disregarding “why
part of it indeed… And Israeli attacks are going on in a more condense
manner. Each attack, massacre and destruction is perceived as if it is
the first one and this makes people forget the past attacks. These are
rightful reactions, convenient and humane, but castigating, blasting,
feeling sorrow, crying and even feeling embarrassed, unfortunately, are
not enough to stop one century-tragedy of Palestinian people, Read More…

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