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Where did our money go?

Januar 27, 2009

„I want the Germans to know where the money they gave Israel went,“ he said angrily. „I want the Germans to know that Israel took the money we should have received. I want them to answer one question: Where did our money go?“

What we can do:


Video: On the place of civility
in academic life
Finkelstein’s talk at the academic freedom conference

Tenure Denial Letters
(June – November, 2007)

On How Actual Survivors Were Cheated by
Jewish Organizations:

On Gaza & the Occupation:

On the Lobby & „the new anti-Semitism“

On Hezbollah & Hamas:

Finkelstein on Israel:

Finkelstein on Jimmy Carter:

Israeli civil libertarian’s introduction to German edition of Beyond Chutzpah. (03.27.2006)

Communication for Middle East Journal. (02.19.2006)

Alleged Errors in Beyond Chutzpah. (2005)

MEMRI NAZIS (again) (10.23.2006)

New evidence of old lies (2005)
Under the heading DIABOLICAL PLOTS, I stated in Beyond Chutzpah

Articles and Reviews Related to The Holocaust Industry

Preface to German edition of The Rise and Fall of Palestine

Postscript to German edition of The Rise and Fall of Palestine

The Dershowitz File:

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