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Die Realitaet in Gaza

Januar 11, 2009

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This is an aid worker from norway he is also a doctor explaining the reality in gaza and what is happening to the Palestinians.

„Among the killed 21% Are women and children which means every 5th person is a women or a child that has died. Among the 2000 injured 40% are women and children“

Look at these Figures Is Israel Out for the innocent You can see from the figures that its clear who is the target!!!

Its clearly hatred shown to the INNOCENT muslims. Its a shame that the media have said that Hamas is to blame when it was israel who breached the 6 month peace treaty many times and then the rocket attacks were a result of those cowardly hidden attacks which media will never show. Now hamas is firing rockets the media and many Pro Zionist countrys made hamas seem like they are to blame when in reality is that israel that have killed around 400 people and injured 2000in these cowardly attacks.
The people in gaza are in clothing and you see these israelis full of fear in their 100 ton fighter jets to destroy innocent muslims. It was israel who started it when they STOLE Palestine from the arabs and then they kill muslims dosent make sense at all to me.
The clear reality of these attacks shows the cowardice blood of israelis and americans where they hide behind armor and you have kids in gaza and iraq wearing nothing but scarfs and jumpers and trousers.
I ask Allah he protects the muslims and free the land from Al Yahud and give it back to his true rightous slaves!!! INSHA’ALLAH
Hundreds of innocent Muslims are being targeted by the Israeli Terrorist Regime.


Hasbun-Allah wa Na’mal Wakeel!

Don’t Forget GAZA in your Prayers!

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