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Why, Israel, Why?

Mai 28, 2008

Nasser Jaber

Nasser Jaber (PCHR)

came at four in the morning with two bulldozers, and they left before
8:00am. I own this chicken farm with my three brothers, and we worked
day and night for 18 years to build up our business. The Israelis
destroyed everything in less than four hours.“

Nasser Jaber’s
chicken farm was bulldozed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) 10
days ago, in the early morning hours of 16 May, while he was sleeping
at home in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. He still looks stunned.
Wearily, he guides us round the ruins of his 18-year business. „This
was a lifetime project for me and my brothers“ he says as we clamber
over rubble, wire, shattered sheets of metal and thousands of
putrefying chickens. „I have never belonged to any political faction,
and I have never been to jail. I don’t know why they did this.“ The
farm workers who are starting to clear some of the rubble are all
wearing facemasks. Forty-thousand dead chickens lie smashed amidst the
rubble and the stench is sickening.

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  1. G.Eradeaus permalink
    Juni 4, 2008 11:28 am

    i am absolutely on your side but the world became brainwashed and the result is clear.
    But there is hope. More and more people do`nt believe the jewish lies anymore and they begin to ask questions.
    Maybe not in this generation but some day, the jewish nightmar will be over for good.
    God bless you

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