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Wer hat den Arafat getötet?

Oktober 11, 2007

Hunderte von zionistischen blogs, in verschieden Sprachen veröffentlichen dass der Arafat von Aids gestorben sei.
Was ist die wahrheit?
wer hat den Arafat getötet?

Hier sind die beweise.

It is proved that Dahlan killed Arafat

DahlanHamas broadcasted another secret document that was handed in the former Minister of Domestic Affairs of Palestine, Muhammed Dahlan’s headquarters.

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The new document shows that the former Minister of defense Muhammed Dahlan wrote a letter to the Minister of Defense of Israel, Shaul Mofaz in order to decide to kill Arafat.

Dahlan in his letter after determining the general instability in Palestine says to raze the ones who object to live with Israel.

Dahlan who in the letter writes that the death of the Palestinian leader Yaser Arafat is getting close, offer Mofaz this: „Make sure that Dear Arafat is counting his final days. But let us finish this job not with your methods, but with ours.“

In Dahlan’s letter it is seen that in the Palestinian Parliament a lot of ministers were persuaded or blackmailed in order to be taken to Dahlan’s own side and he also says he is ready to give his live to to keep his promises in front of President Bush.

The letter Dahlan wrote to Mofaz continues: „We managed to take the support of the members of the parliament to us not to Arafat by persuation or blackmail. But we are scared of surprises. As we come to the other associations connected to the Palestine Liberation Organization, we need to finish or empty them completely. Whatever it costs we must stop them come together in West Bank or Gaza. This is more important for your benefits than ours.“

Dahlan finished his letter written on 13.07.2003 with gratitude to Mofaz and Sharon.

Here is that secret document:




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