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Al Qaeda shows footage of dead US pilot

September 15, 2007

An Al Qaeda-led group has issued a video apparently showing the remains of a US pilot killed in a crash last year.

The video posted on the internet by the media arm of the Islamic State in Iraq showed the body of a dead man in a flight suit wearing a parachute harness and lying in an open area.

The video also included footage of Iraqi children it said were killed in a US air strike.

The video showed an Air Force ID card bearing the name of Troy Gilbert, a US pilot whose plane crashed in November 2006.

Originally listed as missing, he was declared dead based on human remains found at the site of the crash, according to a US military website.

The authenticity of the video, a compilation of insurgent themes produced by media arm Al Furqaan, could not be confirmed. It was posted on a main Islamist Web site.

The footage of the body had similarities with a video of the crash site taken by a local journalist and issued just after the crash north-west of Baghdad, but it appeared to have been taken hours later when it was getting dark.

The Islamic State in Iraq, a group formed last year by Al Qaeda’s wing in Iraq and other Sunni insurgents, has claimed responsibility for mass kidnappings and a series of major attacks.


Auf dem Weg in die Niederlage im Irak, Kontrolverlust

Auch deutsche Medien berichteten über einen Artikel der Washington Post, dem zufolge ein „geheimer“ Bericht der US-Marineinfanterie zu dem Schluß kommt, daß das US-Militär nicht mehr in der Lage ist, den Widerstand in der irakischen Provinz al-Anbar zu brechen. Noch weitaus bemerkenswerter sind allerdings mehrere andere Meldungen, die diese Aussage kaum deutlicher unterstreichen könnten.

Auch wenn an dem „Enthüllungscharakter“ dieses Berichts Zweifel mehr als angebracht scheinen – wird doch ausdrücklich und ausführlich betont, wie groß der Einfluß des Irans und „Al-Qaidas“ im Irak seien – so sprechen die anhaltenden Verluste der US-Besatzer in dieser Provinz durchaus dafür, daß diese Einschätzung zutrifft.

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GilbertTroyGLENDALE, Ariz. — The American pilot whose F-16 crashed in Iraq this week was described by military members and his family as a husband and father of five who always completed his missions.

 The military has classified Maj. Troy L. Gilbert, 34, as „whereabouts unknown.“  [Editor’s note]  Remains recovered at the site confirm that Maj Troy L Gilbert did die in this crash.

Air Force officials said in a news conference Wednesday that human remains were retrieved from the crash site. They would not elaborate, but said figuring out whether Gilbert is dead depended largely on those remains, which were undergoing DNA identification.

Gilbert was supporting troops fighting in Anbar province, where many of the country’s Sunni-Arab insurgent groups operate. Videotape footage obtained by Associated Press Television News appeared to show the wreckage of the F-16CG in a farm field and a tangled parachute nearby.

U.S. forces investigating the crash have said insurgents reached the site before American forces could.

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