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The truth behind Zionist propaganda

Juni 3, 2007

by :Rabbi E Weissfish

Throughout the last fifty years and especially in the last few months Zionist propaganda has been continuing to spread the untruth that there exists a war between Jews and Muslims. The truth however is not so, there exists no war between Jews and Muslims there exists only a war between Zionists and Muslims which is an outcome of Zionist occupation of the Holy Land and their oppression of the Palestinian people, this is a war in which the true Jewish people (i.e., those true to the Creator and his Torah) have no part for the following reasons.

1.) Orthodox Jews have always vehemently opposed Zionism, from its inception the Zionist movement has been opposed by all Judaism’s great Sages and Rabbinical authorities as can be clearly documented, even those living in the Holy Land continue to oppose the existence of the Zionist ’state‘ and many such as Rabbi Moshe Hirsch of Jerusalem have met with P.L.O leaders expressing the will of Orthodox Jews to live under Palestinian as opposed Zionist rule (Rabbi Hirsch has even been appointed Minister of Jewish affairs in a future Palestinian government).

2.) The true Jewish people desire only to live as peaceful citizens of the non-Jewish governments under whose protection we live, in contrast to the Zionists whose sole interest is to sow hatred and what they call anti-semitism‘ so as to justify their need for a ’state‘ and their occupation of the Holy Land.

3.) Orthodox Jews are opposed to the existence of a sovereign ‚Jewish‘ state in the Holy Land due to the fact that our people were exiled from the Holy Land about 2000 years by Heavenly decree because of our sins and our Torah tells us that we are forbidden to act against this Divine decree, and although we are permitted to live in the Holy Land we must live there as peaceful, suborddinate citizens of the ruling non-Jewish government.

4.) The above would apply EVEN to a state run by observant, G-d fearing Jews, all the more so does this apply to the current ‚State of Israel‘ which is run predominantly by atheists who because they have cast off belief in the Creator are (according to the Torah) not even considered part of the Jewish people.

Unfortunately however the Zionists continue to falsely portray themselves as representatives of the Jewish people and are still attempting to transform the Jewish people from a G-d centered into a materialistic nationalistic people, they have transformed Judaism into a dry nationalism and use this as a justification fort their occupation of the Holy Land and injustices committed by them. This is a profanation of the name of the Creator and our Holy faith and therefore hurts us greatly, we therefore see it as it as our duty to inform the world of the following points

a.) The Zionist ideology has no connection whatsoever with Judaism, on the contrary Judaism is totally opposed to Zionism.

b.) The Zionists and their actions do not in any way represent the true Jewish people.

c.) Orthodox Jews share in the grief of all victims of Zionist oppression and pray for the dismantling of the Zionist state and peace to the world.

Rabbi E Weissfish,
Neturei Karta,
Representatives of Orthodox Jewry,
UK, US, Palestine and worldwide

This is fast Resourcable Assay by Rabbi E Weissfish, of the Neturei Karta , to those who ask to declare the Difference Between the Zionists and The Jewish people ..
yes there is too much difference

Jews Against Zionism

Orthodox Jews United Against

Jews Not Zionists

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